There have been a lot of people asking just how much weight is the right one to use for their workout. This is actually a really good question because you really need to know just where you should begin and when should you push even harder, however, it would actually be an impossible thing that a single answer can work for everyone. You should know for a fact that each person has his unique amount of strength and endurance depending on the muscles of their body.


There is a way for you to answer such question yourself and this might take some trial and error but you should be aware that this is considered to be the best and most accurate way in choosing how much weight is right for you to lift and what best weighted vests you must get.


This is how it will work; it doesn't really matter if you're doing high load, strength training, low repetition, low load, high repetition, toning routine, the following things can be applied. You should start by choosing how many repetitions you would like to use. Keep in mind that lower repetitions (6-12) will work more on the strength training or muscle building, while higher repetitions (14-20) will focus more on the toning and endurance. For instance you're choosing 12 repetitions and you're picking the number of sets, most likely 2-4; and for example you're choosing 3 sets.


You should know that this is where the hard part comes in; you should be able to choose a weight that is actually quite difficult for you to finish after a few repetitions for the first two sets, and you can only finish for about 80% of the last set before you're feeling your muscles are giving out. To make it simpler, you should only pick out a weight that is actually challenging enough in a way that you may not even be able to have the last couple of reps completed in that last set. You should also remember that you will have to do all the repetitions under control and slowly so that you won't be able to 'cheat' because of momentum, swinging or bouncing that helps you lift it up.



However, you can successfully finish all of the 3 sets of 12 reps from those given examples above by doing it in a clean, proper form, as well as without any difficulty, then whenever you do such exercise the next time around, you will have to use a heavier medicine ball, kettlebell, best adjustable dumbbells, etc.